Nylon and Leather Cuffs with Adjustable Velcro



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Your bedroom door is not just an entrance to your room...you can also turn it into a sexual destination! All you have to do is get these Nylon and Leather Cuffs with Adjustable Velcro. These erotic cuffs will definitely turn up the heat in your bedroom.

The cuffs feature a pair of nylon handcuffs and another pair of leather ankle cuffs. These materials do not only add sexiness to your sexual activities, but they also ensure safety and comfort.

Nylon - a plastic-based material - is one of the durable textiles that has been used for producing sex toys and tools. This material is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear. It is also firm and resistant to abrasion to keep you and your partner safe while doing different sex positions.
Meanwhile, leather is a material that ensures comfort. It is firm, making it the perfect fabric for this type of sex tool. It is also breathable so that your ankles won't get too sweaty no matter how hot your activities are.

With the combination of these two materials, you can concentrate on the pleasure your lover gives to you instead of worrying about your safety.
That's not all; these Nylon and Leather Cuffs also feature Velcro fasteners. These Velcro straps let you adjust the wrist and ankle cuffs according to your hand and ankle circumferences. This way, you can freely move even if you are bounded.

The handcuffs also come with a bar that you can set up on your door. Just install it there, attach the cuffs to the rod, and you are ready to test your limits and explore different positions.

So why do the same old sexual acts when you can try new things with our Nylon and Leather Cuffs with Adjustable Velcro? Your bed activities will never be dull when you tie yourself on the door while having sex!


Color Black
Material Nylon + Leather, Metal
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 300 lbs

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