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So you've just seen Fifty Shades of Grey. You and your partner enjoyed it so much that you're seriously thinking of giving some of the toys shown there a try. Why not start with our Black Leather Over the Neck Leg Cuffs? They're made of high-quality Leather Sponge PU that isn't only comfortable to touch but are also heavy duty and easy to wipe clean.

When it comes to sexual experimentation, taking things slow is always a good strategy most especially with BDSM role-playing. Pain or domination that comes from a trusted partner who you're sure is doing it for both your pleasure and not out of some perverted desire to hurt you can be very satisfying. In fact, many people enjoy it so much they even go through great lengths to create and maintain their very own Red Room of Pain.

Now we're not saying you should go and do the same if you're not 100% sure. However, our Black Leather Over the Neck Leg Cuffs is the perfect item to start building your BDSM toy collection with. It works by spreading the legs wide, offering a visual treat of everything you love as well as easy access to the wearer's pleasure spots. It is specially designed to reduce leg strain, distributing pressure and making sex less strenuous. Well placed pads provide additional comfort and make your BDSM role-playing games safer.

You don't have to sport a supermodel's body to use our Black Leather Over the Neck Leg Cuffs. They are really easy to use. The restraints are secured with sturdy buckles. The length and width can be adjusted to accommodate all or most body types. They come in an attractive black color that's sure to go with everything in your toy collection. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try now!


Color Black
Material Leather Sponge PU
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity 300 lbs


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