Dual Hook Sex Swings

Who says swings are only for children? Dual hook sex swing will prove you that these rides aren't only for kids. In fact, it is the only outdoor ride that you can have at home and is exclusive for adults!

Our dual hook sex swing collection has a wide range of designs. Some swings have detachable cuffs which allow you to keep your kinky and naughty side a secret. Others look like a hammock that cradles you and your lover as you pleasure each other. Your choice depends on whether you want to lie down or sit while having sex.

In addition to that, our dual hook swings are made from different materials. Some are made from nylon while others are crafted from polyester. Some swings are even made from fleece. All these materials are of high-quality, which means they can withstand heavy weights, are breathable, and are easy to clean!

But these are just the features. There are other things you can get from these dual hook sex swings. For one, all our dual hook swings are made for comfort. Our swings have wide seats so that you can sit or lay on it with ease. Hence, you will be able to focus on the pleasure and sensation that your partner gives to you and not on your uncomfortable position.

In addition to that, our dual hook swings ensure safety. Since they all have two mounting points - like a plate and a long bar - you are guaranteed that they are safe to ride on. No need to worry about falling off whenever the action is getting intense!

Moreover, our dual hook swings have cuffs for your legs. These features also keep you and your lover safe regardless of your position. You can be up in the air while your significant other is banging your core. These mid-air stances can definitely take your sex life into a whole new level...literally!

The best? Our dual sex swing collection can give an array of mounting positions. You can install our swings in the ceiling for a more action-packed and cum-exploding sex routine. You can even set them up by the door for additional safety. It's all up to your skills as a role player and the positions you want to try.

Now that you know the features and the things you can get - or do - with our dual hook sex swing collection, you may be wondering what swing you should get. First, you need to consider the features you want to get from your sex swing. Do you want additional cuffs for your arms or a rod where you can attach the swing?

What about the size? Do you want a hammock-style swing or just a simple one? These questions can be answered by browsing our collection. Look at all of our products and pick a dual hook sex swing that fits you. We guarantee you; your nights with your lover will never be the same again when you include it in your routine.