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Have a taste for rough and tumble hard sex? Do you use sex swings and you think you need extra security? Well, you've found the right page as this two piece Black Metal Buckle Carabiner is precisely what you need.

Carabiners or D-rings, as military professionals would call it, are mostly used in rope intensive activities. They are a specialized type of shackle, with a metal loop and a spring loaded gate. They're used to quickly and reversibly connect components, especially in safety critical systems. Normally, that would include climbing, caving, sailing or construction. However, in bedroom activities, that would include rope intensive sex on sex swings.

Carabiners are used to attach and secure sex swings, to help you and your partner experience wild and erotic sex positions comfortably and safely. This two piece Black Metal Buckle Carabiner is made of strong iron that will surely give your sex swing the security it needs.

These are so strong, it would take a long while before they're worn out enough to need replacements. Their black glossy finish is also so sultry they'd be sure to complement the color or design of any sex swing you might already own.

With dimensions of 3.2 inches x 1.5 inches and thickness of 0.3 inch, they're very sturdy so you won't have to worry about them breaking while you're swinging away in intense sexual bliss.

Carabiners are typically used for extreme outdoor adventures but who's to say you can't use them to help you with your indoor sex escapades, right? So stop worrying about safety while you're on that sex swing and start thinking of more new and exciting sex positions to try. Grab these Black Metal Buckle Carabiner now!

Color Black
Material Iron
Dimensions (inches)
Length: 3.2 inches
Width: 1.5 inches
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 300 lbs


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