Stainless Steel Silver Mounting Set, 500 Pounds



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Want to reach a new kind of “high” when you make love to your partner?  And we mean the word “high” literally!  Have you heard of sex swings?  These are the newest kind of erotic furniture to hit the market.

A sex swing is a kind of harness that can be attached to your door, to your ceiling or any strong surface.  But sometimes when you buy your sex swing or hammock, they seem to be missing essential accessories.  Well, do not go rushing to your nearest hardware store because you may not be getting the right accessories for the job.  It is your lucky day since we have the perfect mounting set for you to install the swing in your home.

Introducing our Stainless Steel Silver Mounting Set, 500 pounds.  This hanging mounting set is made of industrial grade stainless steel 304.  This type of steel is very durable and provides excellent resistance to corrosion and rust.  This set can also handle both of you because it can carry a maximum weight of 500 pounds!  The set consists of a ceiling mount, a spring, a snap swivel, a carabiner, and four bolt screws.

Installing the mounting set is a breeze with our easy-to-follow instructions.  The ceiling mount can be securely fastened into beams, boards, concrete ceiling, or any overhead surface via the four bolt screws drilled using a 10mm drill bit.  Once the ceiling mount is fastened, it is time to connect the zinc-plated spring to help relieve stress from an impact.  Next is to attach the snap swivel which can rotate a whole 360 degrees without tangling or twisting.  Lastly, connect the carabiner and the swing itself.

Make your swinging session more secure by ordering our Stainless Steel Silver Mounting Set, 500 pounds now!     

Color Silver
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions (inches) Size:


Ceiling Mounting Plate: 3.11 inches

Spring: 4.25 inches

Snap Swivel: 2.68 inches

Carabiner: 3.15 inches


Ceiling Mounting Plate: 1.89 inches

Spring: 1.57 inches

Snap Swivel Diameter: 0.20 inches

Carabiner Diameter: 0.31 inches

Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 500 lbs


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