Black and Blue Rotating Swivel Mounting Hardware, 6750 pounds



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Do you feed on the thrill of adventure and danger?  Well, now you can do it even at your own home!

Go ahead and read on as we introduce you to our Black and Blue Rotating Swivel Steel Mounting Hardware, 6750 Pounds.  This amazing little swing swivel spinner gadget measures in at 4.25 inches in length and 2.17 inches in width.  It can also carry a maximum load bearing capacity of 6,750 pounds.  This steel swivel spinner is suitable for rope-bearing activities such as caving, climbing, arboriculture, hot air ballooning, sailing, rope rescuing, bungee jumping, construction, aerial rope work, industrial applications, window cleaning, acrobatics, and white-water rescue.  Aside from its application to rigging, hanging, and climbing activities, it can also be particularly useful in supporting sex swings for mounting to your ceiling or any hard overhead surface.

A sex swing is a kind of sex furniture that couples can use to intensify and bring excitement to their lovemaking.  One can ride the swing while the partner can stand up or also ride the swing himself.  Our swivel spinner is the perfect complement to a single-hook swing because it can spin with your every movement with no fear of rope tangling or rope kinking.  This spinner can rotate to a frictionless full 360 degrees with sealed ball bearings.  You can attach one to two carabiners on our swivel spinner and it can still hold the weight.  You can attach a single-hook swing to our spinner for maximum durability and strength.  You do not need to worry that your swing will tangle up or you might fall while using our spinner.

Stop worrying about the dangers of sex swinging as we got you covered with our Black and Blue Rotating Swivel Steel Mounting Hardware, 6750 Pounds.         

Color Black, Blue
Material Metal
Dimensions (inches) Size:
Length: 4.25 inches
Width: 2.17 inches
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 2,000 pounds


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