Adjustable Nylon Leg and Handcuffs



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Nobody said that being kinky, adventurous, wild, and wicked should be uncomfortable. With our Adjustable Nylon Leg and Handcuffs, you can be bold with your sexual acts and positions without straining yourself too hard!

The Adjustable Leg and Handcuffs are made from nylon - a plastic-based material known for its outstanding qualities. This fabric is lightweight which makes this tool comfortable to wear. It is also very durable. This textile is resistant to abrasion, making it sturdy and safe to use. You don't have to worry about getting injured while having sex, as it can protect you from such accidents.

In addition to that, our adjustable sex sling has two pairs of cuffs - one pair for the hands and another one for the legs. Both cuffs can be adjusted according to your wrist and thigh circumferences. That way, you can still move your hands and feet while your partner is doing something nasty yet hot on you.

The Adjustable Leg and Handcuffs also have paddings. This feature can support your nape or your neck, depending on your position. Through this way, you won't have a strained neck after an action-packed, mind-boggling, and cum-exploding sex. The only thing you will feel is a pure sexual pleasure and not the painful effects of your out-of-this-world positions.

There is more to this sex device than just giving pleasure. It also provides convenience and secrecy. Each part of the sling can be separated from each other. This allows you to bring the sling wherever you go. Additionally, it lets you store the adjustable strap and cuffs in your drawer, cabinet, or whatever storage option you have at home. You can even hang it with your belts and nobody would know what it really is.

For these reasons, our Adjustable Nylon Leg and Handcuffs are your perfect match to explore the world of kinky sex. Your nights will never be this hot and naughty when you put it on yourself or your partner!


Color Black
Material Nylon
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity 300 lbs


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