Stainless Steel Silver Triangle Mounting Set



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For people who are looking for something exciting to add into their sex lives, there is one thing that they can acquire, and that is a sex swing. This is a piece of sex furniture designed to assist in sexual activities and positions.

When it comes to sex swings, there are actually various parts that need to be put together in order to make it work in the best way possible. One of the most important parts that might not come with the sex swing that you have is the Stainless Steel Silver Triangle Mounting Set.

If you are wondering what the Stainless Steel Silver Triangle Mounting Set is composed of, it is basically made up of four important parts. These four parts play vital roles in making sure your sex swing is going to work properly.

Let’s take a look at the frame first. It is made of stainless steel just like the rest of the parts included in the set. As the product name suggests, it has a triangular shape. Attached above the steel frame is the Circle Anchor. This particular part connects to a stainless steel spring. To complete the Stainless Steel Silver Triangle Mounting Set, there is an installation hook connected to the spring. All four parts mentioned are needed to make the installation of your sex swing successful.

Before setting up the Stainless Steel Silver Triangle Mounting Set and the sex swing, you have to figure out where you would like your sex furniture to be positioned. The amazing thing about this mounting set is that it's pretty handy and easy to use, making it user-friendly. It can either be hanged to a sex swing stand or a rod that you have up on your door or ceiling. Add it to your cart now!


Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 300 lbs


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