Slave's Tear Drop Nipple Clamp
Slave's Tear Drop Nipple Clamp
Slave's Tear Drop Nipple Clamp
Slave's Tear Drop Nipple Clamp
Slave's Tear Drop Nipple Clamp

When you were young, your dad would say you should never make a girl cry. You should respect her and treat her like a queen. But as you grew older, you realized that not all women want to be treated like this—just like your fiancée. For her, treating her like a queen is boring. What she wants is to be treated like a slutty slave! She likes to be humiliated and punished. Likewise, you want to see her cry with pain and pleasure whenever you torture her.

Here's a tool that will meet both of your kinky desires! The Slave's Tear Drop clamp will put tears in your partner's eyes, not because of pain but because of pure joy.

This flirty device features a pair of alligator clamps with a teardrop-shaped weight attached to each clip. Each tip of these clamps is covered with a rubber cap to ensure that they're doing the job in the most comfortable way possible.

At the side of each clip is a screw. These nuts allow you to adjust the pressure you put on your partner's nipples. Just twist them to tighten or loosen the squeeze.

But the stars of these decorative nipple toys are the teardrop-shaped pendants. These aren't just mere accessories, as they play a vital role in play. They add weight to the clamps; thus, increasing the sensation and stimulation. Furthermore, they can give penetrative sex a new flavor as they swing around whenever you fuck any of your lover's holes. And with that sight, you surely want to bang her even more!

This pair is made of non-toxic metal, which means it's safe for body use. It's also available in different colors, allowing you to choose a color that suits your kinky mood.

Treat your lover the way she wants to be treated. Grab this Slave's Tear Drop clamp now!

Color clamps: Black, Red, Pink, Purple
Pendants: Blue, Yellow
Material Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Slave's Tear Drop Nipple Clamp

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