Sex swings

Whether you always wanted to try exotic positions, or you simply want to experience some power play, a sex sling is the thing you need. If you want some sexy leverage in the bedroom, this bad boy is just what you’re looking for. Think of it as a position enhancer, or as bondage gear. Explore new positions that you’re simply not bendy enough to stay in otherwise. Or, have some safe BDSM fun with these comfortable models. Since sex slings are perfectly adjustable, you can do with them everything you can imagine – so start imagining!

Wide straps, or thin ones, padded leg stirrups, or padded cushions – we have it all, you just have to choose and get ready for an incredible new experience!

Hanging your sex swing

What everyone wants to know when they purchase a sex swing is how to install it. Furthermore, most people would like to find a way to install it so they don’t have to explain it to their landlords, or even worse, in-laws. So, to make your life and sex play easier, we came up with several ways to mount your sex swing.

You decided to buy a sex swing, but you’re not quite sure how you can install it? Sex swing instructions are usually pretty simple, but if you want to know how to hang a sex swing before you buy one, we got you covered. We prepared 8 best ways to install your sex swing.

1. Over the door

With door sex swings, installation is pretty straightforward – you get a swing that is basically a seat with stirrups, handles and a lot of straps. At one end, you will see two acrylic tubes attached to two straps. Drape those tubes over the top of the door, so they are on the opposite side from you. Close the door, and lock it for extra security. You can’t mount these on hollow core doors, pick something sturdy instead. Also, make sure that the area around the swing isn’t crowded with things. You will want enough space for you two to move easily. This way, you can put your swing on whenever you want, and take it off whenever you don’t need it. You can pack it easily, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Perfect for couples who want something small and simple to bring exhilaration to their sex life.

2. Beam installation

This way is perfect for single or dual hook swings. Hang a strap over an exposed ceiling beam. Mount a swing on it. Ta-daaah – that’s it! It couldn’t be simpler. What we really like about the beam strap is the fact that nothing has to be drilled into anything, so there are no ugly holes on your ceiling, and your landlord won’t have a problem with it. Another great thing about beam straps is that they’re really small and portable. It’s something that can travel with you, as it’s not limited to your home. If you’re looking for a way to take sex play out of the bedroom, this is a great way. Get creative, try it in the middle of the forest, on tree branches, between two trees – the sky is the limit here.

3. Door to door

This is the perfect way to mount your sex swing. Just find a suitable hallway, and you’re set. Of course, you need a dual hook sex swing for this method to work. Dual hook swings are great because they are wide, so they provide a lot of comfort, and a lot of options when it comes to positions. Trust us, the width makes all the difference! To use this mounting option, you need two doors that are directly across from each other. You can install eye hooks on doors or simply use an over the door mount on each of the doors. Of course, this isn’t for wide hallways, as it will put unnecessary stress on your swing. The distance between hooks should not be less than 24” or more than 37”. Once you get your sex swing instructions from the manufacturer, you’ll see exactly what’s recommended for your model.

4. Wall to wall

This is very similar to door to door, just a bit higher up. The only difference is that you have to screw the mounting points into the walls. If you can do this, it’ll be a lot more stable and stronger than door to door mount. It has all the benefits of both the door and the ceiling mounts, but none of the drawbacks. These mounts are easy to hide, so as long as you hang a picture frame or a clock over them, no one will know what you do when you’re alone with your partner. Just like door to door, this method is only good for dual hook swings.

5. Door to wall

When you don’t have two doors across from each other, and you still want mounts that are easy to hide with art, this method is great. A combination of options 3 and 4 offers simplicity and comfort. Use an over the door mount on one side, and install a hook across the hallway at the same height. Of course, this one only works if you have a dual hook swing, but it’s fun and easy to conceal!

6. Direct ceiling mount

Everybody knows about this mounting method. Simply use a tiedown anchor, or an eye hook, and attach it directly to the ceiling. Although it isn’t perfect for people who don’t want everyone to know what they’re doing when they’re alone, this is the most reliable mounting method. You need to choose a part of your ceiling where the beam is, so you don’t destroy your ceiling and end up in a nightmare. People love this method because it lets them be creative; it’s good for single and dual hook swing sets, and it’s relatively easy to do. If you’re renting, or you don’t want your friends and family to know about your little sexy games, it’s best to think of an alternate use for the hooks on your ceiling. Creative lighting that can be removed when you need to play, or a decorative hanging plant – be creative and no one has to know about your little kink.

7. Dual hook chin up bar

This is the most flexible sex swing installation method. If you decide to travel, and you want to take your sex swing with you, this is the mount you need. It’s easy to carry, it doesn’t take up much space, and you can make it work almost anywhere. The main problem with it is the fact that it has a weight limit. It can’t take on more than 200 pounds. You can only use it with dual hook swings. Another thing you need to be aware of with this method, is that it will be hanging a lot lower than it would be with a ceiling hook. This means that you need a swing with a large adjustability range for this to work. This item is easy to get by – purchase it anywhere you want, and replace the crossbar bolts with hooks.

8. Self-standing installation


You can take any sex swing model you like, and then get a swing stand for it. Stands are great because they can take a lot of weight, so you can both swing. Also, they are easy to assemble, and even easier to take apart and hide away. Not to mention that they don’t leave holes in your ceiling or walls. If you’re just getting your first sex swing, we don’t recommend this, as it’s the most expensive option. But, if you want to invest in a good solution, this is it.

You see, it’s easy. Just pick the installation option that works best for you, and then purchase a swing model that corresponds to it. Nothing easier.

Swing away!

Positions to try in your new sex swing

Ready to go to the next level? These kinky sex swing positions will definitely up your game. If you’re ready to go for a ride, these new positions will definitely get you there.

When it comes to sex, there’s always something new and exciting to try. Don’t let it become a routine – that’s a foolproof way to get bored. 

But how to prevent that from happening? Start having more fun! Get a sex toy, explore new positions, new places, new roles. You might not like everything, but there are some things that you’ll love. 

One of those things are sex swings. There are self-standing models, body sex swings, door sex swings, and even hanging models that you hang from your ceiling. 

The internet is full of people who claim that it changed their sex life. 

And if you want to spice up yours, our recommendation is to try some of the most interesting love swing positions out there.

1. Dirty Flying Carpet

Sit on the swing, hold on to it, and lean back. Just like you’re trying to swing really high. Your partner needs to straddle your face, and then bend down to pleasure you with fingers, toys, or lips and tongue. It’s like a flying 69, basically. You will love the feeling of weightlessness while the swing’s movement will emphasize everything you do.  For this position, you can use a door sex swing, a hanging, or a self-standing model. Swing 69 is possible with the body swing too, but it works differently.

2. Space Dog

Being in the air during doggy style feels amazing, and it brings some next-level orgasms. Here’s how to sex swing doggy style. The receiving partner needs to lie down, place their chest over one strap, and their stomach over the seat. The penetrating partner will hold on to their thighs or hips, and slide them back and forth. Like this, the receiving partner will have a free hand to play with, or, just hold on and enjoy the thrill of it. For this position, you can use a hanging, a self-standing, or a door swing. The best model, the one that provides the most comfort, is the hammock-style sex swing.

3. The Swing Spinner

Have you ever heard that song that goes “You spin me right round, baby, right round”? This swing will let you experience just that. If you get a single hook swing, it’ll be able to do a 360 spin, and that’s opening a whole new world of possibilities. One of them is this interesting position that will blow your mind. The receiving partner needs to slide their butt back off the seat and place their feet on the seat. Hold on to the straps tight. Use a lot of lube, and then the receiving partner can descend onto their partner’s penis. From there on, you’re basically on a thrill ride – you and your partner can spin any way you want.

4. Flying Missionary

Everybody thinks that missionary is boring. Well, not if you do it like this. The receiving partner needs to sit in the swing, with their legs spread. Use the stirrups for support. As the penetrating partner moves, the swaying movement will literally leave you both mind-blown. With each movement, thrusts will be stronger and deeper than ever before. For this position, you need a swing that can take the weight of both of you. So, a sturdy self-standing model, or a hanging one that is attached to a strong beam.

5. The Doorman

When it comes to over the door sex swing positions, this is one of the best. The receiving partner needs to sit in the swing with their legs open, and their feet in the straps. Your partner can bind your wrists in straps, and then penetrate while facing you. With a door sex swing, this position is absolutely amazing, while we have to admit it’s pretty good with a self-standing model too.

6. Chandelier Swing


We all heard of sexual experiences that have people “swinging from the chandelier”, but, have you ever had one? Well, if you think you ought to, you should definitely not destroy a very expensive light fitting, but rather test it on a swing. A swing is a lot more fun when there are two riders on it. The penetrating partner sits on the swing seat, while the receiving one sits in their lap, facing them. Once you get a good swaying motion going, you can let the swing have its way with the two of you, and focus on your partner and achieving that mind-bending orgasm!

These positions are tried and trusted, and they will definitely eliminate any weight, height and boredom issues you might have in the bedroom.  You won’t just have fun, but also epic orgasms!

So, you finally decided to get yourself a sex swing/sling? Isn’t it awesome? Yeah, we know. But, now a new question appeared – how will you hide it? We got you, and your kinky fun toys, covered. 

At long last, that bad boy is finally here. You took a sex swing or a sex sling, and you’re having loads and loads of fun in it. But, the first time your doorbell rang, you started panicking. What will your guests think? How will you hide the fact that you’re having more fun in the bedroom than they could possibly imagine?

Keeping your sex swing hidden

This isn’t something you considered before purchasing a huge dual hook swing, is it? Yeah, we know. Nobody ever thinks about hiding the evidence before the deed is done.

Now that you installed your newest kinky toy, it’s time to think about hiding it. 

Unless you want everyone to know what you’re doing late at night while they’re locked in their little vanilla bedrooms? 

Yeah, thought so. 

You see, with sex swings and sex slings, it’s not so hard to hide the thing itself, as it is to hide the hooks you drilled into the ceiling or the walls of your place. Now just imagine your in-laws coming to visit and asking in that oh-so-annoying tone “Kevin, what is this big eye hook doing on your ceiling?”. If that isn’t bad enough, imagine hosting a party, and curious guests walking into your bedroom to see two huge eye hooks on the ceiling. They are even worse than your in-laws, they won’t say a word, but they will know, and they will judge. 

We know that you’re not ashamed of your choices, but it’s best to avoid judgment when you can.


There are several ways to keep your secret pleasures perfectly secret, and we’ve compiled 5 best here.

1. Art

If you have a dual hook swing that you suspend from hooks that you drilled into your hallway walls, any piece of art will do the job. Hang a picture on one hook, and a tribal mask on the other one and none will be the wiser. They will probably even admire those pieces of art that hang on your sex swing hooks. When you want to play, just take the art off, hang the swing, and have your fun.

2. Plants

If you decided to hang your sex swing off of the living room ceiling, you need either to get a punching bag or do this to hide that hook’s true nefarious purpose. Get a metal chain, a hook, and hang a planter on it. Do the same with the other hook if you got two. Heck, you don’t even have to take real plants, take fakes. It’ll look nice, and you can just chuck them aside when you decide to get your kink on.

3. Clocks

If you’re using one door and one hook mounting method, you’ll still want to hide that hook on the wall. A perfect way is a clock. Get one you like, hang it on that hook, and that’s it. You hid your little secret and got yourself a way to tell how much longer you’ll have to wait to use what’s behind that clock. Handy, right?


4. Creative lighting

Hang an interesting lamp, or some fairy lights on those hooks. You can even drill several additional holes, and put hooks there in a random pattern. This way, you can get an interesting decoration, and a way to hide your hooks.

5. Smoke detectors

This one is actually the easiest way to hide your eye hooks, so logically; it will take most of your time. No, seriously, this way you can place hooks anywhere you want, and just cover them with smoke detectors. You also won’t have to think about avoiding hanging plants, art, lighting or anything else. 

Buy a smoke detector. Don’t bother with the features or quality. Get the cheapest, the worst model you can possibly find. It’s not supposed to actually detect fire unless you count the flames from your sexual encounters. All it needs to be is deep enough to take in that entire hook. 

Now that you bought it, smash it. Yeah, you can finally get your revenge for incessant chirping. Pull out all the electronics; drill a hole in the middle with the same drill bit you used to place the hook into your ceiling. 

Attach the smoke detector to the ceiling – just align the holes and screw it up there. The eye hook will be more than enough to hold the smoke detector where it should be. If it isn’t, just use the screws that came with it. 

So now, when you want to use the swing, you need to take the detector’s lid off, and put it back on when you want to hide the hooks.

But, how to hide the actual swing?

We explained how to hide the residual evidence, but how will you hide the actual swing?


Throw it in the closet. If you have a door swing or a sling, a single or a dual hook hanging model, you can put it in the linen box, or under the bed, those things are super-easy to pack and hide. 

Now you can rock your partner’s world without worrying!