Hand-Polished Stainless Ass Hook
Hand-Polished Stainless Ass Hook
Hand-Polished Stainless Ass Hook
Hand-Polished Stainless Ass Hook

Tired of using butt plugs and anal beads—or perhaps you'd like to take your bondage play up a notch? Whatever reason you have, this tool is the answer to your carnal desires and more! The Hand-Polished Stainless Ass Hook will get your submissive partner hook into anal or bondage play—literally. This breathtaking toy features a J-shaped rod with a q-shaped loop at the top and three detachable balls that come in different sizes.

The ring is where the real fun begins. This hoop has many purposes. First, it serves as a handle. With just the use of your finger, you can maneuver the anal hook inside your partner's bunghole for enhanced sensation. Twist it, move it sideways, thrust it—do whatever you want with it until your partner reaches the pinnacle of pleasure.

In addition to that, this ring lets you incorporate bondage play or use it as part of your sub's underclothing. Just tie a rope to the loop to keep your docile lover still as you ravish their seductive body. Alternatively, attach a harness to it underneath their clothing for an eye-popping (or is it butt-popping?) look.

Of course, let's not forget about the balls. These detachable graduating balls allow you to experiment with your bottom's backdoor. Try the smallest sphere of anal bliss if you're new to this game, then work your way up as your partner gets used to the size. If your partner is a daredevil, why not insert them all at the same time? Just be sure to do it gently and carefully for a better experience. And oh, don't forget to establish a safe word, so you'll know if it's time to stop the act.

Take your anal play and bondage scenes to the next level with the Hand-Polished Stainless Ass Hook. Grab one now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Anal Hook
Handle – 9.25 inches (235 mm)
Insertable Length - 3.94 inches (100 mm)
Anal Balls
Attached Together - 4.25 inches (108 mm)
Anal Hook - 4.33 inches (110 mm)
Anal Balls
Small - 0.79 inch (20 mm)
Medium - 1.1 inches (28 mm)
Large - 1.5 inches (38 mm)

Hand-Polished Stainless Ass Hook

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