Badass Barbell Apadravya Jewelry
Badass Barbell Apadravya Jewelry
Badass Barbell Apadravya Jewelry
Badass Barbell Apadravya Jewelry

You're into body piercing. Since you graduated college, you got addicted to it. You first got piercings on your ears, and you liked it. From then on, your body piercings multiplied. Now that you have them on your earlobes, eyebrows, nose, lips, and nipples, you want them down there, too. But with all the male piercings on the market, which one should you get?

Here's a suggestion: the Badass Barbell Apadravya Jewelry! Now, don't underestimate this accessory. It may look plain and simple, but it's not for the fainthearted because of how it's worn. This dick accessory comes in pairs and is placed on the glans. The top bead sits at the central top of the head. Meanwhile, the bottom bead lies underneath the penis at the V of the glans.

A bit tricky, isn't it? Don't worry; once you have it, your cock will get all the attention that it needs. Surprise your partner with this bling on your dick, and she won't resist playing with your mighty sword!

But that's not the only thing that this piercing can do, for it can make your lover moan with pleasure, too! Thrust your dick into any of her fuck holes, and she'll surely beg for more as she feels the balls massaging her inner walls.

This magnetic and stimulating genital accessory is made of titanium, so rest assured that it's safe to use. It's hypoallergenic and toxic-free, making it gentle on your delicate skin.

But no matter how body-safe this jewelry is, you need to clean it regularly. Wash it with saline solution to keep it bacteria-free. And oh, make sure that your hands are clean before touching your member and the piercing to prevent infection.

The Badass Barbell Apadravya Jewelry is available in different sizes, ranging from 12mm to 38mm. Go ahead and pick a size that fits you best and add it to your cart!

Color Silver
Material Titanium
Dimension Length:
0.47 inch (12 mm)
0.55 inch (14 mm)
0.63 inch (16 mm)
0.71 inch (18 mm)
1.34 inches (34 mm)
1.42 inches (36 mm)
1.5 inches (38 mm)
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces Apadravya Piercings

Badass Barbell Apadravya Jewelry

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