Multiple Impact Rattan Cane
Multiple Impact Rattan Cane
Multiple Impact Rattan Cane
Multiple Impact Rattan Cane

There can never be a better time to buy a punishing rod than now. You have been into BDSM play for a long time, and so far, you have enjoyed giving erotic slaps to your Sub. It arouses you when you feel and hear your partner squeal in delight as you give a good beating.

If you are into these impact plays, you may be ready to get the Multiple Impact Rattan Cane.

Don't get intimidated by the looks of this stunning lashing tool. This is great for novice players that want to take their time in mastering sensual play. The shaft is made of high-grade rattan, a softer option best for starting BDSM enthusiasts. Although more malleable than other cane materials, do not think it will not render the pain you want to have. This will deliver a mean hit so, better be ready for that.

Moreover, the 23.62 inches shaft generates a generous amount of pressure to the focus area. But, this is not your typical lashing cane. The tail is composed of stripped rattan pieces, held together by a solid handle. This handle has a rubberized grip for the flogger to control this well, even on a sweaty encounter.

The pain sensation is much more different than with single-tailed variants. It ripples the strain to a broader area as it hits the body. It will be less stingy but, the thud will be more prominent as compared to one-pole

Before each encounter, you need to discuss safety precautions with your lover. Make sure you assign a safe word to and never neglect bodily cues for when things get to be too much for your companion.

This cane needs very little maintenance to last for a long time. Wipe it with a dry cloth after each session, then store it in a dry place.

Grab your cuffs and your blindfold too! This is going to be a wild ride. Buy now!

Color/Type Handle: Black
Shaft: Light Brown
Material Rattan
Dimension Length: Shaft:23.62 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Multiple Impact Rattan Cane

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