Girl Power Black Nipple Bars

You have this sheer white top you have always wanted to wear outside. Not that you want to gain attention, but because you have always shown love for body positivity. You wish to emanate a clear message to all other women that your body is yours, and you are responsible for your happiness.

That’s a great cause right there! You go, girl! And to make your drive more interesting, why not wear these Girl Power Black Nipple Bars underneath? They will surely make your overall look attractive! I mean, just look at how stunning this lady looks when she shows her nipple bars in this porn video.

Who wouldn’t fall for the minimalistic charm of these pieces? Each piece bears a correct barbell length suitable for all nipple diameters. Their stoppers at both ends resemble plain black disco balls. Adding oomph factor to the balls are the gemstones embedded all over, making them sophisticated.

Indeed, these rings match your strong personality. But can they also fit your sensitive tits? You bet! With their stainless steel base material, you can rely on these items to cater to the most delicate parts of the body, as in this case, the nipples. Not only that! You can also trust these items to be part of your fashion collection for a long time. They won’t rust easily, giving you plenty of years of service.

Wash these items as you take a bath. Use a mild soap and warm water to make sure cleaning them won’t cause skin irritation. Planning to find a replacement? Make sure to keep these babies dry before putting them away. You can store them inside a jewelry box or bag to prevent them from accumulating mold and mildew.

Many minimalists are eyeing these black nipple bars! Don’t let them hoard these beauties without giving you the chance to purchase them. Hurry! Add them to your cart today, and let’s process your order as soon as possible!

Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 1 Pair of jewelry

Girl Power Black Nipple Bars

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  • $24.99

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