Exquisite Bliss Diamond Nipple Bars
Exquisite Bliss Diamond Nipple Bars
Exquisite Bliss Diamond Nipple Bars

Your man has told you time and again that your body is a wonderland. The next time he explores it, make sure he'll stumble upon gems on your precious mounds. Wear the Exquisite Bliss Diamond Nipple Bars and flaunt them! These nipple barbells feature sparkling pink cubic zirconia crystals. These adornments shine bright like a diamond; hence, your nipples will instantly become the stars of the show.

These intimate pieces will flatter your boobs, and you will feel a lot sexier, knowing that you are confident inside and gorgeous on the outside, too. Own your body with elegance and style with these stunning bars.

The product is 14G in size, and it is the recommended measurement for nipples. Each sparkling decorative end measures 0.20 inch, which is significantly visible to brighten the nips. All surfaces and edges are smoothed and polished to perfection to ensure comfort even when worn for prolonged use.

These pieces are safe for body piercing involving your intimate parts. Why? Because they are made of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, a corrosion-resistant metal. It's safe for body use, durable, and non-tarnishing. What's more, it's so easy to clean.

Choose from these two color variants: gold and silver. Both options look equally splendid. If you look good in silver, then it's an easy choice. The pink cubic zirconia provides tremendous aesthetic appeal. It has the power to capture attention and hold it where it's nestled.

Now that you've found the perfect jewelry pieces for your nipples, it's time to look for a professional piercer. A certified and experienced one will know exactly where to stick their needle and not damage any sensitive nerves. When done right, having these stuck in your nipples will increase your sensation in your nipple areas. Enjoy both enhanced pleasure and sexiness soon when you buy these exquisite bars soon!

Color Silver with Pink, Gold with Pink
Material 316L Surgical Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Gold:0.63 inch (16 mm)
Pink: 0.47 inch (12 mm)
Width/Diameter: Bar Diameter: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
CZ: 0.20 inch(5 mm)
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces Nipple Barbells

Exquisite Bliss Diamond Nipple Bars

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