10 Piece Placeholder Plastic Nipple Bars
10 Piece Placeholder Plastic Nipple Bars
10 Piece Placeholder Plastic Nipple Bars
10 Piece Placeholder Plastic Nipple Bars

You noticed your bosom danglers getting worn out with their coating peeling off. Yucky! You want to remove them from your breasts, but you're afraid that your piercing might close. If there's only a tool to keep your holes open, you would, for sure, get them as soon as you can.

Oh, what are the odds! While still looking for the perfect accessory for your titties, you might want to resort to a plain tunnel that will keep your ring slots open. The 10 Piece Placeholder Plastic Nipple Bars are your best substitutes as you wait for the right one. They have all the qualities of a retainer that you are looking for!

Get not just one, two, three, but ten super tough and sturdy lovebud jewelry when you purchase this product. All ten that come in this set are made of premium acrylic, a material that's safe to pierce through the skin as it is hypoallergenic and toxic-free. The piercing placeholders don't have colorants in their transparent color, so you can see through them that they are pristine clean!

Each accessory measures 0.63 of an inch, with a gauge size of 14G or 1.6 mm. Each resembles a barbell with a rod and weights on the sides. But instead of discs, it has two 0.23-inch diameter beads on each side.

If you already have punctured nipples, wearing these is so easy, especially if your previous jewelry has the same gauge size as these. But if there is none yet, or you want to enlarge your existing tunnels, you may want to call a licensed professional to make one or two for you. Leave this procedure to the experts, as they know better what to do to keep you safe.

Keep your breasts well-accentuated by making sure they have adornments all the time. There's no other way to keep your piercing open but to use these 10 Piece Placeholder Plastic Nipple Bars. Get yours now!

Color Clear
Material Acrylic
Dimension Length: 0.63 inch (16 mm)
Width/Diameter: Bead: 0.23 inch (6 mm)
Gauge 14G: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Package Inclusion 10 Pieces Nipple Bars

10 Piece Placeholder Plastic Nipple Bars

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