Show Me Your Rosebud Anal Sex Machine
Show Me Your Rosebud Anal Sex Machine
Show Me Your Rosebud Anal Sex Machine
Show Me Your Rosebud Anal Sex Machine

You have already mastered the art of stuffing your ass with sex toys. Now, you are ready to take the higher level and try something more advanced. You want to do anal grotesque this time, where you prolapse your rosebud. Now that is super extreme!

There's no better way to prepare for this kind of play than using the Show Me Your Rosebud Anal Sex Machine. Because when you thought you tried all in backdoor sex, you're all wrong!

This pleasure and, at the same time, torture device will destroy your ass at all levels. It comes with not just one, not two, not three either, but six titillating sphincter dilators! You can get one that's sweet and shy, the anal plug. If you want something moving and detached from a cord, you can also have the mini vibrator. But if you like to get wrecked, choose from one of the massive attachable dildos.

They range from seven to nine inches long, with a thickness starting from 0.79 to almost two inches. One of them is beaded, while the other has a corrugated texture on the shaft. The third one resembles a penis, and the last item looks like it has an egg on its tip. Using one of these four enormous ass toys will create havoc inside your bootyhole.

But the dildos are not the cherry on top of this product. The star of the night is the mechanism that serves as the pleasure sticks' nest. This drill-like device holds the motor that thrusts these sex wands in and out of your ass. It is attached to a reclinable hinge, which stands on a metal platform with suction cups at its base. These suction cups ensure the stability of the entire machine as it drills your innards.

The machine's parts may seem overwhelming to use, but it's, in fact, the other way around. All you have to do is place your butt in front of the dildos, turn on the motor, and voila! Feel it scraping all the sides of your anal walls. Experience sphincter dilation like no other! Use this machine to prepare for your dream role—an anal grotesque porn star who can prolapse the rosebud!

Buy lots of lube, and prepare your butthole to be ravaged by the Show Me Your Rosebud Anal Sex Machine! Get this now!

Color Machine: Purple
Dildos: Purple, Flesh
Material Machine: ABS + Metal
Dildos: Silicone, TPE
Dimension Length:
Machine: 14.57 inches (37 cm)
Dildos: 7.09 – 9.06 inches (18 - 23 cm)
Extension Tube 7.87 inches (20cm)
Mini Vibrator: N/A
Anal Plug: N/A
Machine: 5.91 x 5.91 inches (15 x 15 cm)
Dildos: 0.79 – 1.97 inches (2 - 5 cm)

Show Me Your Rosebud Anal Sex Machine

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  • $777.99

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