Jungle of Bliss Adult Sex Swing
Jungle of Bliss Adult Sex Swing
Jungle of Bliss Adult Sex Swing
Jungle of Bliss Adult Sex Swing
Jungle of Bliss Adult Sex Swing

Tarzan was one of your favorite stories when you were young. You were fascinated by how a well-educated, clever woman befriended a guy who grew up in the woods and was raised by apes. But as you grew older and watched different versions of this classic tale, your focus wasn't on the story at all. If truth be told, you were drooling over Tarzan's physique, and you wished you'd get fucked by a guy who's as hot as him and be swung around like how he did it with Jane.

Cum Swing With Me may not be able to bring Tarzan to life nor take you to the jungle, but we can bring the wilderness to you! All you have to do is get this Jungle of Bliss Adult swing. Attach it to a wooden door, climb it up, and let your jungle guy explore your bushy garden!

This sling features adjustable nylon straps. This fabric is sturdy as it doesn't break easily. Yet, it's skin-friendly as it doesn't cause rashes or burning sensations on your delicate skin. And since the straps are adjustable, your partner can change their length and fit—all thanks to the buckles. With this feature, your man can make out with you and fuck you while your back is resting against the door.

But of course, your lover can only do that to you if your hands and legs are tied. Thankfully, this kinky gear comes with four cuffs, one pair for your wrists and another one for your thighs. These leopard-printed, furry cuffs don't just restrain your limbs. In fact, they can help you do different stances—even the hardest ones! With these cuffs, your lover can spread and bring your legs up high, giving him full access to your love forest.

Don't just sit there, imagining a hot jungle man banging your bushy garden. Get this Jungle of Bliss Adult swing and make it happen!

Color Strap: Black
Cuffs: White With Brown & Black Spots
Material Nylon
Leopard Cloth
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A
Maximum load bearing capacity: N/A

Jungle of Bliss Adult Sex Swing

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