BDSM Enthusiasts' Durable Leather Sex Sling
BDSM Enthusiasts' Durable Leather Sex Sling
BDSM Enthusiasts' Durable Leather Sex Sling

You call yourself wild in bed, yet you do not have a piece of equipment to execute your "wild moves?" Ridiculous! That is posing, and quite frankly, pathetic! Why don't you invest in getting your sex paraphernalia, then play your naughty games? If you truly want to get started with this kinky adventure, then get this BDSM Enthusiasts' Durable Leather Sex Sling!

What does this do, then? It's a body supporter that you can hook and attach to the ceiling or even to the door frame. It is used to create spectacular positions during sex. Do you know Air Rider, The Lie Back, Reclining Missionary, The Pterodactyl? You can perform these acts using this fabulous swing!

It is made of PU leather, much like the authentic ones, but this is more economical and ethical. Loved by many fetishists for its fragrance, you can jump on the hype and smell the scent of the BDSM environment. It has a sheet that measures 37.40 inches long, with upper and lower widths of 15.16 and 23.03 inches, respectively. At the top of the sheet is a cushioned piece that serves as a pillow, giving comfort to its user. Each corner has leather strap attachments, too, which connect to four nylon belts.

Make your play safe by ensuring that you install it on a sturdy ceiling or door. Preferably, mount it on a solid slab of wood or concrete as it can hold and support relatively heavy loads. Use a hand drill to screw hooks where you can attach the sling. Once all is ready, you can harness yourself to the mechanism and play with it as long as you want. You can also ask your partner to help you climb and ride the swing to ensure the safety of the play.

Tell people that you're into BDSM if you have the appropriate tools to do the game. Get this BDSM Enthusiasts' Durable Leather Sex Sling and let it be the first on your collection! Add this to your purchase today!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 37.40 inches (95 cm)
Upper Width: 15.16 inches (38.5 cm)
Lower Width: 23.03 inches (58.5 cm)
Thickness: 0.16 inch (4 mm)
Maximum load bearing capacity: N/A

BDSM Enthusiasts' Durable Leather Sex Sling

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