Sex Swings

The revolutionary sex contraption that will capture anyone’s imagination is here right now, at the tip of your fingertips! Sex swings are the ultimate buy when you want to have a new, fun experience to share with your partner. As you examine the different products under this collection, you may feel intimidated with the look of this sex contraption but believe us when we say, it is easy as 1,2,3!

These swings were made from premium materials to make your sexual experience fun and safe at the same time. Some are made from nylon, others from fleece, all of which are very safe and sturdy medium when you talk about the longevity of use. There are also added convenient straps and buckles to the products to give you the freedom to choose the lengths of your swinging experience. These will also cater to couples who have a big height difference, now you can enjoy a good sex position without worrying about not reaching the sweet spots of your partner!

Aside from that, these sex swings are perfect for those couples who want to explore sex positions but are having difficulties in doing so as it may be uncomfortable or entail too much muscle power they cannot sustain. With these contraptions, you can eliminate the weight problems as well as any knee or back concerns as the straps of the swing will eliminate all the tensions for you. Any little movement will be magnified while defying gravity itself as you suspend your partner on air!

This collection also features products with padded footrests as well as comfortable saddles to make the rider feel extra comfortable even when the sex becomes rougher. The suspended position will allow for deep but very controlled penetration, something you may have been looking for a long time. The straps are also designed in a way that the legs can be spread wide apart so you can easily soak in the sweetest spot between the legs while your partner is in the aerial view! That is enjoying a traditional sexual act in the most unconventional manner!

This sex swing will cater to those who have enjoyed BDSM for a long time as well as to the vanilla couple who wants to explore the wonders of a good spanking! It will give you and your partner time to listen to each other as well as have an intimacy that you may not have with traditional sex as you talk to each other while taking on different sex positions.

This collection offers a wide array of swings ranging from door sex swings to body harnesses, the choice is up to you. These models also have sex swings in different colors and sizes depending on your mood and what your preferred measures are.

Truly a product of real craftsmanship, these sex swings will bring that spice you are looking for in your bedroom. With this contraption, you will get that full carnal experience that will defy all the rules. Now, you will not be limited by any health concern in mobility or other reasons for restrictive sex, you will be able to carry your partner and perform pleasurable sexual positions with the use of the perfect sex swing. Grab one now!