Gravity-Defying 360 Sex Swing
Gravity-Defying 360 Sex Swing
Gravity-Defying 360 Sex Swing
Gravity-Defying 360 Sex Swing

Why work harder when you can work smarter? Carrying a partner in your arms while flexing and bending to achieve that hot sex position will require a lot of energy, so how can you play longer when you are already exhausted at the start of your sesh? You need the Gravity-Defying 360 swing to execute the most sizzling sex positions effortlessly.

The swing set includes a heavy-duty stainless steel tripod hanger complete with an extension spring hook and a ring bolt. These mounting parts ensure 360-degree spin clockwise or counterclockwise. Find a solid beam where you can install the bolt to ensure secure mounting. Once you have this bolt in place, everything is easy peasy. You can set up and take down the swing in seconds!

If you are impressed with the steel parts, you will fall in love with the swing. It features padded support made of plush fabric for the back and butt. Your partner will enjoy swinging because it is designed with comfort in mind. It also comes with stirrups, so your lover remains above the ground the whole time. These ankle supports will also ensure you gain full access to your partner’s tunnel of pleasure. Whether it’s the cunt or ass you are after, the sling will make them accessible to you. Your partner can ride the swing face up or face down.

With your lover spinning in a 360-degree erotic sling, there are more than a dozen of sex positions to explore. Get inspiration from the Kama Sutra to allow yourself and your partner to experience various acrobatic positions. The maximum bearing of the sling is 800lbs, which means you two can ride it together and achieve orgasm mid-air. Thrust deeper, intertwine better, and play smarter with zero-gravity sex. Buy now, or you will regret it forever.

Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Bracket Set: 17.32 inches (44 cm)
Spring: 6.10 inches (15.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: Hanger: 16.14 (41 cm)
Ring Bolt: 5.75 inches (14.6 cm)
Maximum load bearing capacity: Up to 800 lbs.

Gravity-Defying 360 Sex Swing

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