Adjustable Locking Gag Head Harness
Adjustable Locking Gag Head Harness
Adjustable Locking Gag Head Harness
Adjustable Locking Gag Head Harness
Adjustable Locking Gag Head Harness
Adjustable Locking Gag Head Harness

Restraining your slave with handcuffs and fetters may not be enough. You have to put something on the head and on their mouth to mark them as your possessions. A slave isn't supposed to say a word once you begin your BDSM session.

Get thrilled by completing the set of tools you need to have all the satisfaction you’ve been craving. The Adjustable Locking Gag Head Harness will never fall short of providing you with a gratifying kinky play. Your slave is bound to obey you once you put the harness on their head.

Both functional and sturdy, it is a masterpiece that will endure many rough and wild BDSM scenarios. It features multiple double riveted straps on metal loops, creating a secure harness that’s hard to ruin. The triangular straps on the face will partially deprive your sub of their sense of sight. The chin straps are lockable, and so are the ones that go around the head. And to make it completely secure, there’s a strap that runs from the forehead, attached to the buckled strap behind the head.

The front panel, which serves as a muzzle, is more than wide enough to cover the mouth. It’s embellished with metal rivets to add sexiness to it. If you have doubts about whether this can silence your sub, you should try it yourself. Tighten the straps around your head, and the panel will be pressed hard on the lips, making every attempt to talk or scream difficult and futile. Your partner will just mumble and will sound stupid. They’d rather shut up than make useless attempts.

The harness is adjustable to make sure it fits snugly and comfortably on most adult heads. It’s crafted from PU leather, which doesn’t require much effort to maintain its good quality. Of course, you can easily wipe off spots of dirt on the straps with a clean damp cloth.

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Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Front Panel: 6.50 inches (16.5 cm)
Over the Head: 11.42 inches (29 cm)
Back of the Head: 17.52 with adjustable range of 12.20-16.93 inches (44.5 cm with adjustable range of 31-43 cm)
Chin: 9.84 inches with adjustable range of 7.09-9.45 inches (25 cm with adjustable range of 18-24 cm)
Width/Diameter: Front Panel: 3.35 inches (8.5 cm)

Adjustable Locking Gag Head Harness

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