Adjustable Nylon Bed Restraints
Adjustable Nylon Bed Restraints
Adjustable Nylon Bed Restraints
Adjustable Nylon Bed Restraints
Adjustable Nylon Bed Restraints

The bed is a haven of comfort for you. You like sex in bed, and you have always been keen to impress your partner with your bedroom expertise. Familiarity is your letdown. That is why you need to overcome that by adding tricks to your hot sessions.

Upgrade your usual practice by adding the Adjustable Nylon Bed Restraints. This device is a simple shackle system that is lightweight yet durable to accommodate your rigorous lovemaking.

This has 175.98 inches of straps that you can adjust to your liking. You will get four restraints for your hands and legs to keep you in bed for sexy playing. Also, this is made of nylon, a versatile material that is nonirritating and safe for extended use. Used in a lot of high-impact activities, nylon is an excellent material made to take all kinds of heavy pressure. When you are in bed, strapped in this restraining device, you will have nowhere else to go. Concede to your Master and enjoy!

However, before anything else, make sure you install this properly so that no accidents will happen. Attach the strings of the restrains under the mattress. You will be able to attach each wristband to the fastener on each strap. Additionally, each cuff has a D-ring where you can hook the belts for better use. All the limb locks are alterable for you to choose their tightness. Make sure you arrange all the cords well to enjoy the entire length of these bonds.

You will love the four fully adjustable cuffs. But, make sure you set safety words first before going all in. These are hardcore bondage pieces that can lock you in place. Be sure to discuss safety rules well, and be certain you cover all points.

This bed bondage is available in stunning black color. You can pair this with any of your sexy costumes. Also, you need to clean this well after every use with soapy water.

Don't miss out on this versatile piece! Go ahead and get this item today!

Color Black
Material Nylon
Dimension Length: 175.98 inches (447 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Adjustable Nylon Bed Restraints

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