Adjustable Waterproof Collar
Adjustable Waterproof Collar

Don’t you hate it when your little girl messes around, especially at times when you have to focus on what you do? All she knows is to have fun and play. It's time to deal with her bratty attitude. Designate a period for playtime, but if she doesn’t respect and obey your rules, you better do something to discipline her.

One way to do so is by wrapping the Adjustable Waterproof Collar around her neck. When she wears this choker, she will remember her daddy's rules.

On the front are letter charms that spell DADDY. These chunky metal letters are threaded through a strip firmly attached to the front of the collar with rivets.

The accessory is designed to resemble a belt. It's super easy to use. First, wrap it around your little's neck, with the charms on the front. Next, push the tip of the collar into the buckle frame. Then, insert the buckle tongue into a hole when you have found the perfect fit. Finding that comfortable and snug fit is easy because it is adjustable.

If you want to tether your little so that she stays in one place, hook a leash into one of the D-rings. These rings are attachment points for any bondage accessories, so why not play some kinky games with your girl? Push the limits of your imagination to have more thrill and fun.

Allow your little girl to put on the collar when she goes to clubs. It will elevate her punk style. And if she's proud of being a daddy's little girl, she can rock this with her hip-hop get-ups. What do vanilla peeps know about its true purpose? They are clueless!

Adore your little girl, but make it clear that you are in charge. The Adjustable Waterproof Collar will make a great tool to train her to behave well. Buy now!

Color Black and Silver
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length: 16.54 inches (42 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Adjustable Waterproof Collar

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