Adult Baby Pacifier Gag
Adult Baby Pacifier Gag
Adult Baby Pacifier Gag
Adult Baby Pacifier Gag
Adult Baby Pacifier Gag

Putting on diapers, mittens, and bibs provide you with indescribable gratification. Apart from being sexually aroused, being a baby makes you feel protected by mommy or daddy.

Be the cutest baby in your daddy’s eyes with the Adult Baby Pacifier Gag. You will need this to keep you occupied while big daddy is busy. Suck and nibble on the nipple because it is BPA-free. Keep sucking it while your daddy grinds your pussy. With this in your mouth, it will soften your moans and muffle your screams. With your mouth and lips getting busy with the pacifier gag, you will be much more aroused!

Pick any color you like from blue, pink, red, black, or white. The pacifier, like the one used in this porn video, is complete with a silicone nipple, a guard, and a ring. This piece is securely attached to the straps, which are of high-quality PU leather.

Let your daddy fasten the strap around your head. It should fit right because the straps are completely adjustable. With a buckle system, it will stay in place. With metal loops and rivets, all connection points are reinforced for durability. The O-rings can also become attachment points for other BDSM accessories like a leash or a chain.

The nipple of the pacifier is made of silicone, which is tasteless and odorless—ideal for prolonged sucking. The material is also non-toxic, which is why babies are safe while having it in their mouths. Apart from these great features, a silicone nipple is easy to clean. Just wash it in warm, soapy water, wipe it dry, and you're good to go. The strap, on the other hand, is crafted from vegan leather. This type of leather is easy to maintain and easy to clean, too, unlike its genuine counterpart.

The pacifier is perfect for little girls, too. If you're orally fixated, put it in your mouth for gratification. Your daddy can also use it to shut you up. Because if you can't express yourself, sexual tension will build up until your libido gets out of control.

Buy now to enjoy it soon!


Color Gag: Blue, Pink, Red, Black, White
Straps: Black
Material Pacifier: Silicone
Straps: PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Strap: Adjustable from 18.11 to 25.98 inches (46 to 66 cm)
Pacifier Nipple: 1.77 inches (4.5 cm)
Pacifier Guard: 1.34 inches (3.4 cm)
Strap Width: 0.79 inch (2 cm)
Nipple: 1.18 inches (3 cm)
Pacifier Guard: 1.97 inches (5 cm)

Adult Baby Pacifier Gag

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