Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine
Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine
Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine
Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine
Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine
Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine
Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine
Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine

You and your boyfriend broke up three months ago, and he was your first—your first love, your first kiss, your first serious relationship. Thus, you gave everything to him, including your virginity. For that reason, getting over him was a struggle. You miss his boyish look, his smirk, his kisses, and his dick. And now that the days are getting cold, you miss him even more. You want him inside your pussy, and you want him right now.

Hold your horses! Before you give him a call and make a decision you'll regret, why don't you get the Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine instead? Trust us; you won't be missing your ex-lover once it fills up the space in your puckered hole!

Available in seven variants to choose from, each set has a solid love machine. This orgasmically constructed hardware features an oval-shaped thrust arm that can be moved at different angles. Its support, which holds the thrust arm, is also fully adjustable; thus, giving you a plethora of positioning possibilities. Meanwhile, the rectangular base supports the whole construction. And with the suction cups found on each end, it ensures stability, so it stays in place as it senselessly bangs any of your holes.

In addition to the machine, each set offers different attachments. Sets A, B, C, D, and F come with various vibrators and dildos. Set E also has these flirting devices with the addition of a masturbation cup. Lastly, Set G features vibrators in different sizes, a dildo, a beaded rod, and a bottle. Thus, these sex machines aren't just for women but also for men and people with unique kinks.

Don't just sit there and yearn for your ex! Get the Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine, and fill up the void he left with this tool. You'd be glad you did.

Color Sex Machine: Black
Vibrators: Blue, Purple, Pink, Violet
Dildos: Flesh, Black, Pink
Bendable Extension Tube: Blue
Masturbation Cup: Green (Container), Flesh (Pocket Pussy)
Bottle: Green
Material Hard Plastic
Dimension Length:
Sex Machine
Thrust Arm

Full Length - 10.04 inches (25.5 cm)
Upper Part - 1.97 inches (5 cm)
Retractable Stand – 6.3 inches (16 cm)
Base – 14.57 inches (37 cm)
Sex Machine
Thrust Arm – 3.35 inches (8.5 cm)
Base - 5.91 inches (15 cm)

Hit the Spot Adult Sex Machine

  • $393.99
    Unit price per 
  • $786.99

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