Allusive Cumslut Choker
Allusive Cumslut Choker
Allusive Cumslut Choker
Allusive Cumslut Choker

You like how wild your slave is in bed. She is a natural when it comes to pleasing you and touching all the right spots. Nothing like your past lover, she is a total princess, and she looks fine as can be!

This kind of gem should be treasured and celebrated. And what better way to show your appreciation than by gifting her the Allusive Cumslut Choker?

Make her yours wherever you go with a collar that looks subtle and comfortable to wear. Chokers like this denote commitment by the slave to the Master. It marks them as your property, so no other Dom will dare to cross the line.

This piece is made of PU leather, a reliable material with a skin-like texture for extended wear. This material is body-safe, so you won't have to think about skin reactions. Also, this has an adjustable strap with several options to change its fit. It has a length of 16.1 inches but does have several holes that you can choose to fasten the belt into.

Moreover, the zinc alloy lock makes sure that this collar stays in place all through the night. Don't tighten it too rigidly, or it will choke your partner out. You can get the sultry red variant or go for the classic black if that is your vibe. The secret is to never skip on giving the belt some good cleaning to remove all excess moisture from usage. You can wipe this using a clean cloth before storing it in a separate container, away from direct sunlight. These factors may degrade the surface of the strap.

This beautiful piece can be worn alone or stacked with other necklaces. Also, it can be worn on casual dates or formal events. Imagination is your limit. So make sure you grab this today and mark that pretty slave of yours!

Color Black, Red
Material PU Leather
Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 16.1 inches
Width/Diameter: .71 inch

Allusive Cumslut Choker

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