Anal Destroyer Sex Handcuffs
Anal Destroyer Sex Handcuffs
Anal Destroyer Sex Handcuffs
Anal Destroyer Sex Handcuffs
Anal Destroyer Sex Handcuffs

When inspiration has run dry, and you don't know what else to do to keep the thrill going, you have to step back and remember what got you into S&M. It's clear. You find sexual satisfaction in inflicting pain, and your partner has willingly submitted herself to your torture. Here's the Anal Destroyer Sex Handcuffs for more erotic brutality!

Unique and uncompromising, these sex cuffs will gratify your craving for a bit of cruelty that will deprive your partner of freedom. What's interesting about them is that they come with a lockable anal plug. Ruthless!

There are two variants of these sex cuffs. The first one features all-metal cuffs that are padlocked to ensure your masochist partner won't be able to break free from bondage. These metal cuffs are linked with a chain, where the anal plug is attached. The second variant features sturdy leather cuffs with a detachable chain. And just like the first one, the anal plug is attached to the middle portion of the chain.

Almost six inches in length, the textured anal plug features three detachable sections. The head has retractable tentacles, the middle section with three ridges, and the last portion provides a flared base that will prevent the plug from traveling further. Thread them together, then keep them in place with a lock. Your goal is to bulldoze your partner's ass, not to let the plug slip to her internal organs. Be sure to remove the plug when it's time for bed.

Though they look a bit complex, they are simple to use. Bind your partner's hands in front of her, then let the chain go between her thighs. Slowly push the plug into her ass. And the moment it's in, take pleasure in her moans as you watch her enjoy her suffering. If she tries to pull the chain, the plug will destroy her butt. Her only choice is to stay still.

Enjoy bondage play to the fullest with these sex cuffs soon! Buy them now!

Color A: Silver with blue, yellow and brick red
B: Black with blue, yellow, and brick red
Material A: Metal
B: Metal+Leather
Dimension Length:
Chain-31.50 inches (80 cm)
Anal Plug: 5.91 inches (150 mm)
Chain: 10.63 (27 cm)
Handcuff: 12.01 inches (30.5 cm)
Anal Plug: 5.91 inches (150 cm)
A: 0.55 inch (1.4 cm)
B: 2.44 inches (6.2 cm)
Cuff- 2.13*1.73 inches (5.4*4.4 cm))
Anal Plug: 1.97, 1.57, 1.50, 1.26 inches (50, 40, 38, 32 mm)
Cuff: Adjustable
Anal Plug: 1.97, 1.57, 1.50, 1.26 inches (50, 40, 38, 32 cm)

Anal Destroyer Sex Handcuffs

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