Alluring Angel Wing Nipple Barbells
Alluring Angel Wing Nipple Barbells
Alluring Angel Wing Nipple Barbells
Alluring Angel Wing Nipple Barbells

Body piercings can be very addictive, just like getting a tattoo. Both embody self-expression and are an edgy form of art. And much like getting inked, having a body part pierced goes a long way back—with respected tribespeople and ethnic groups doing it. They don’t only look good but also symbolize their values and beliefs.

Well, what do you know? Aside from standing up for what you believe in, body piercings, when done at the right spots, can bring you good sex, too. But if you are still mustering the courage to get pinched down there, you can start by having nipple piercings first. What a coincidence, you are looking at a suitable accessory to begin this fun journey with—the Alluring Angel Wing Nipple Barbells.

These barbell-type rings are your best bet when looking for nipple bling. Just watch this video to see how gorgeous it'll look. The design is stunning, with a pair of angel wings spreading in each side of the bar instead of the usual ball backings that most barbell rings have. Vibrantly-colored gems adorn the top of the attachments for that alluring glow. There are also clean contours etched on its surface, creating an illusion of having fluffy feathers. This item is available in three colors, aqua, pink, and clear.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, these piercing trinkets are specially for your nipple area. It is made of 316L surgical steel. Hence, it is hygienic to use and is easy to sanitize. It measures 14 mm and has a gauge size of 14, the standard size for nipple piercings.

By getting a nipple pair, you increase the chances of stimulation around these hot spots during foreplays. They will induce your climax faster and make it more intense. You can even have an orgasm while fondling your teats alone!

Come on; You know you want to experience it. Get Alluring Angel Wing Nipple Barbells before your favorite color becomes out of stock!


Color Aqua, Pink, Clear
Material 316L Surgical Steel
Dimension Length: 0.55 inch (14 mm)
Width/Diameter: Gauge 14 – 0.78 inch
Package Inclusion 1 Pair rings

Alluring Angel Wing Nipple Barbells

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