Attractive Pink Spiked Collar
Attractive Pink Spiked Collar
Attractive Pink Spiked Collar

When you hear the word "cute," what's the first thing that comes to your mind? You'd probably think of anything pink. But here's the thing: not all pink things are cute. Some look badass—like this Attractive Pink Spiked Collar! Wearing this around your neck will make your dominant partner want to pet you or punish you.

This kinky accessory features a belt-like strap accessorized with spikes. The neckband is fully adjustable, enabling you or your Dom to change its fit if needed. Just pick a hole where you want to pop the pin into, then slide the pierced strap part into the buckle to secure it in place.

As for the spikes, these come in two colors and sizes, depending on what you'll choose. Variant A has long silver pointed studs, while variant B has small ones, and variant C comes with long black pointy rivets. Whichever style you'll choose, these collars will grab your partner's attention and forget about what your lover's doing at the moment.

If you think this choker is just for bedroom play, you're making a mistake. Though it doesn't look discreet, it's a perfect accessory to wear at collar parties. Put it on your neck, and rest assured that all single dominants at the party will approach you and give you a proposal to be their slaves. Even those single submissives will come near you and ask you to punish them, too! It's up to you what role you want to partake in and accept.

The choker is made with two materials: synthetic leather and zinc alloy. Both materials give an angsty look to the collar. Furthermore, they're highly durable, assuring you that this neckpiece will stand the test of time.

Be as badass as you can be with this Attractive Pink Spiked Collar. Grab one now!

Color Collar: Pink
Spikes: Silver, Black
Material Collar: Synthetic Leather
Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Attractive Pink Spiked Collar

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