Attractive Red Spiked Collar
Attractive Red Spiked Collar
Attractive Red Spiked Collar

After months of convincing, finally, you were able to persuade your woman to drink your protein-rich, gooey milk. As you were about to cum in her mouth, she suddenly bowed her head and refused to receive a facial. All the jizz went straight to her hair. She was not ready to eat your nut yet. So frustrated that you were, you pulled her hair and slapped her face with your cock instead.

If only her head were completely restrained, she would not have escaped your fountain of load on her face. Prevent this from happening again. Choke her if you must if she doesn't follow the agreement. Use this Attractive Red Spiked Collar to her so she would think twice before twisting her head!

This choker will be your serious punishment tool for her. It has metal spikes, zinc alloy to be exact, along its PU leather strap. With just a wrong move, its spikes will pierce through her shoulders and chin, so she better behave and follow your orders responsibly. It comes in three styles. Two of them, variants A and C, have nearly inch-long spikes around them. The third one has shorter, rounded-tipped bolts, on the other hand. All these styles have straps measuring 17.13 inches long. If your girl has a slender neck, don't worry, as each has an adjustment mechanism. At both ends of these neckbands are punched strap and a buckle that form a belt. This belt regulates the tightness of the fit. So you know what to do if she persists in tripping!

If you want a more secure, merciless way to discipline her, match the collar with a leash and chain. This addition to your play will allow you to pull the leash, inflicting more suffering on her.

But hold up! This sex tool is purely for fun only. Get your partner's consent in whatever plan you have on her. Sex is always entertaining when it's safe, sane, and consensual.

Aside from using this in your sexual activities, your sweetheart can use this as an outfit accessory. With its versatility, nothing should stop you from getting this Attractive Red Spiked Collar! So get yours now!

Color Red with Silver, Red with Black
Material Collar: PU Leather
Spikes: Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Collar: 17.13 inches (43.5 cm) (Adjustable)
Spikes A, C: 0.94 inch (2.4 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Attractive Red Spiked Collar

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