Cock's Delight Automatic Male Sex Toy
Cock's Delight Automatic Male Sex Toy
Cock's Delight Automatic Male Sex Toy
Cock's Delight Automatic Male Sex Toy
Cock's Delight Automatic Male Sex Toy

Who says sex machines are exclusive toys for women? Men can now experience the rapid and psychedelic performance this gizmo has to offer.

If the ladies’ gadget has a dildo attached to a rod, a tight masturbation cup is what awaits the gentlemen. The machine provides the exact mechanism and runs on one objective: to give mind-blowing stimulation to your well-deserving cock.

Introducing the Cock’s Delight Automatic Male Sex Toy, an all-in-one device you can use for simulated fuck or suck.

Use it as you imagine yourself getting a deep-throat action or your cock sliding inside a tight pussy. It is designed ergonomically to give you the best solo playtime possible. Whether you are in for some hands-free play or stamina training, this device got your back.

What makes the experience of using it more realistic is the ball massagers you can find inside the gadget. They will wriggle and knead your cock, imitating what’s inside a woman’s throat or coochie.

The machine operates on a powerful turbo motor capable of producing multi-frequency vibrations. The masturbation cup and the engine are encapsulated in a hypoallergenic ABS cylindrical tube. Keeping its position securely for hands-free thrill is a strong suction cup that you can stick on the wall, floor, and even on the table. Its angular position is also adjustable, so you don’t have to worry. Wherever your cock itches for you to hump, this gadget is always ready for some action.

And to make the experience the best, this gizmo is also equipped with a rechargeability function. All you have to do is plug it on any energy-storing device using a USB cable, and that’s it!

Keep the cleanliness of this device all the time. Make sure to wash the masturbation cup before and after use. Dry it thoroughly before storing it when not in use.

Don’t let this versatile toy run out of stock before getting yours. Add it to your cart today!

Color White
Material ABS and TPE
Dimension Length:
Masturbation Cup Entrance: 11.02 inches
Suction Cup: 3.93 inches
Width/Diameter: 3.93 inches

Cock's Delight Automatic Male Sex Toy

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