Baby Girl DDLG Choker
Baby Girl DDLG Choker
Baby Girl DDLG Choker

It was a hardcore night in the sex dungeon. After you and your sweet little girl acted out some BDSM scenes for foreplay, everything got so intense. One minute you were eating her pussy like a mad man, and then the next thing you knew, you were banging her while choking her neck with your hand.

Indeed, it was hardcore night, and you squeezed her neck tight enough to break her collar. Now you are looking for a replacement because she can’t seem to live without her tag. Don’t worry; after browsing patiently, you have finally reached the most promising collar suitable for your partner, the Baby Girl DDLG Choker.

It is made of soft and smooth ribbon that will keep your partner’s neck rash-free and unscathed. The term of endearment, baby girl, is written on both sides of the collar. Hanging in the middle part is a group of plastic-based girly stuff like a shell, heart, and star. These embellishments are attached to a double knot bow tie. Aside from its velvety texture, you can also lay your guards down as its details boast skin-friendliness and durability. These features allow your partner to wear this item for a long time. It’s a perfect everyday collar that will put you and your partner at ease.

You can pair it effortlessly with your pink cuffs, tickler, paddle, and clamps. With these tools, you can put her as a subject for torture or humiliation, whichever tickles your fancy. Your partner can wear it with her onesie and other accessories like a pacifier and a tail plug. Indeed with this collar, you will never run out of scenes to create.

There’s no need to wash or soak it in water to clean this ensemble. Just wipe off its surface with a clean cloth, and that’s it! Just make sure to put it in a jewelry pouch when not in use, and you’ll be able to preserve its excellent quality.

Replace your submissive’s broken collar soon. Add this collar to your cart now!

Color Pink, Blue
Material Ribbon, Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Baby Girl DDLG Choker

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