Badass Studded Ankle Cuffs
Badass Studded Ankle Cuffs

Role-playing has been your favorite activity with your slave. Chasing after her and capturing her into your lair is such an adrenaline rush for you. The feeling of seizing your partner and keeping her in your sex dungeon is your favorite hobby.

So far, you have been using ropes in the house to hold her in. Although, it seems she's been having nasty scars from rigid movements. If that is the case, the Badass Studded Ankle Cuffs will suit your need just right.

This beauty is made of high-grade PU leather, a lightweight material, unlike metal chains. But even if it's light, you can trust that it is highly durable, too, that it can withstand your woman's resistance. Each cuff is a two-ply leather strap, where the wider strap serves as the comfortable sheet, while the outer layer serves as its adjustment mechanism. The upper layer has punched holes on one end and a buckle on the other. These features allow secure fastening of the gear once worn.

But that's just not it. Each cuff also has a D-ring attached to it. These rings act as the hook where a stainless steel chain is clung. With this setup, there's no way she can move so fast, travel far, and run from your wildest chase! Also, she won't even attempt to escape as she will get her lesson from disobeying you, will she?

Before the session, make sure you discuss safety measures with your slave. Debilitating your sub is good and all, but it can be a bit rough. That is why it is essential to give your partner a run-down on how things will unfold. Assigning a safe gesture will also keep the session safe from untoward events.

Upgrade your experience. Don't miss out on this stunning and reliable ankle cuff. Add this to your purchase now.

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 11.02 inches - 13.78 inches (28 cm- 35 cm)
Width/Diameter: 2.36 inches (6 cm)

Badass Studded Ankle Cuffs

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