Ball of Silence Oral Gag
Ball of Silence Oral Gag
Ball of Silence Oral Gag
Ball of Silence Oral Gag

If you are into gags, you should know by now that they are most commonly made of silicone and PVC components. It is because these materials are a lot easier for submissives to clench their teeth with. They may have these soft and smooth surfaces, but they are considered low friction materials. Hence, they don’t easily fall off the mouth.

But if you have collected many of these gags already especially like the ones used here, it is about time to go for something different. Add flair to your usual ballgag wearing with this Ball of Silence Oral Gag.

Sultry and polished, this gag is extraordinary! It is made of stainless steel, adding an extra challenge to the gagging experience. It is because of its sleek and almost frictionless surface that it would be too hard to keep in place unless you buckle its straps snugly. What’s more interesting about this piece is its hypoallergenic feature. You can rest assured of getting a tool safe for your submissive’s mouth, even for extended playtime.

The straps are made of PU leather. They have this distinctive appearance and smell ready to intensify the scene even more. You can find an adjustable belt-like buckle at the end of one strap so that you can position the gag securely.

It is important to remember that not all enthusiasts are open to gagging. And not because your partner agreed to you before doesn’t mean she’s ready for it all the time. Introduce this kind of gag to her before anything else. Make sure to get her consent and list down her limitations for safe play. Assign gestures to use should things get unbearable for her.

This gag will indeed run out of stock in no time! Since it is unique, everyone loves it! So come on; don’t lose your chance of getting this piece. Add it to your cart now!


Color gag: Silver
Straps: Black
Material gag: Stainless Steel
Straps: PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: 1.65 inches


Ball of Silence Oral Gag

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