Ball of Torture Nipple Clamp Weights
Ball of Torture Nipple Clamp Weights
Ball of Torture Nipple Clamp Weights
Ball of Torture Nipple Clamp Weights
Ball of Torture Nipple Clamp Weights

You were with your boys watching baseball when you asked your girl to prepare sandwiches for you. She declined your humble request and put you to an abject humiliation in front of the guys. Later that night, all you wanted was to get your sweetest revenge. You want to punish her for her behavior. But you don't think that your existing tools will suffice to discipline her disobedience.

Well, here's the Ball of Torture clamp Weights to train and remind her who's the boss!

Weighing a whopping total of half a pound, these titty clamps will surely droop those nipples away from her breasts! They are made of stainless steel, hence their weight. Each piece, which includes the butterfly pincher, the string, and the ball, measures a little more than seven inches. The pincher acts as the torture tool to squeeze the nipples, while the cord holds the ball that serves as the additional weight. This spherical metal aggravates the punishment as it adds tension as the clamp clings onto the nipples.

Pinch the clamps' holder to open their mouth, then aim the nipples. Release your clutch on the clamps after for the tongs to squeeze those nipples. Watch her reaction as they agonizingly pinch her nipples. Imagine the pain they could inflict on your woman's breasts! Well, she deserves it, remember? Match these clamps with your other favorite punishment toys to heighten the experience. Blindfolds will add a sense of suspense to this play, but chains and whips will make it more sensational.

After she learns her lesson, get her commitment to follow your every order moving forward. Then, clean the toys with water and mild soap. Dry them thoroughly, and place them on your secret box where she couldn't find them.

This sex toy should be used for roleplays only. Think of other scenarios you may want to execute to use these Ball of Torture clamp Weights. Be creative! Get them now!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length: 7.09 inches (180 mm)
Width/Diameter: Ball: 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Weight: 0.55 lb (250 g) per pair

Ball of Torture Nipple Clamp Weights

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