Ball of Torture Sex Gag
Ball of Torture Sex Gag

Balls aren't just for sports. They can also be used in erotic games — like bondage play. And if you're looking for a tool that you can use in bed, then this Ball of Torture Sex Gag is your best bet! Dunk it in your submissive partner's mouth, and it will leave them speechless — literally!

The erotic gear features leather straps with punched holes on one belt and a buckle on the other. This slots-and-clasp combo works like your regular belt. They ensure security so that the ball won't drop from their mouth if they want to spit it out. They also provide comfort for the wearer, for you can adjust their fit.

Located at the tip of each strap is a metallic ring. These rings provide added support as they hold the gag in place.

And speaking of the gag, this plastic sphere of pleasurable punishment has straps with snap-on buttons on their ends, which means this toy is detachable. Meanwhile, the ball has air holes, allowing the user to breathe, even if their mouth is open wide. With this tool, you don't have to worry about their safety unless they tap out or drop an object — a sign that you have to stop the act.

The straps may come in the same color, but the ball doesn't. The gag is available in two colors: white and blue. Whichever color you choose, this erotic piece of hardware will get the job done, and that is to prevent them from speaking, and of course, make them drool.

Like any BDSM scene, this type of play should be planned carefully and accordingly. So get your partner's consent, talk about your erotic plans. Always discuss the time-out gestures they will use if things go southward.

Enjoy a different kind of ball game with your lover when you get this Ball of Torture Sex Gag. Buy one now!

Color Straps: Black
gag: White, Blue
Material Straps: PU Leather
gag: PVC
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Ball of Torture Sex Gag

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