Barbed Silver Slave Collar
Barbed Silver Slave Collar
Barbed Silver Slave Collar
Barbed Silver Slave Collar

You could chain her inside your room and take advantage of her as long as you want. But once outside, how certain are you that she will still be the submissive slave, like how she is in bed?

Do not complicate things. Make a pact with your submissive lover. But make sure to trust her. Vow to each other to be loyal to one another. And to remind her of this promise, wrap this Barbed Silver Slave Collar around her neck. Aside from being a reminder, it's also your preventive tool against other masters lingering around her!

Place this on your partner's neck, and rest assured nobody will come to try to steal her. It's a symbol of your ownership to her, and anyone in the BDSM community knows its meaning. Besides a symbolic accessory, it's a statement piece, too. Nothing explicitly says "slave" on it; she can wear it even with her regular attire.

It has a barbed wire design with thorns that gently pricks. Every sting to your woman's chest will remind her of you as a torturous master. At its ends are two G-hooks that form a lock when hooked together. This secure fastening system ensures a sturdy chain that is unbreakable with mere human pull force. Thus, making it a piece that lasts long.

It uses zinc alloy in its material, making it lustrous and silvery in color. This metal is also the most common material used in jewelry making, so fret not about its quality. It doesn't tarnish right away unless you soak it in acid and water for long periods—which you wouldn't do for sure. But to be sure, once it gets in contact with sweat, wiping it off with a dry cotton cloth will suffice to extend its shine.

This beauty will complement your sweetheart for sure. Label her as your possession by placing this Barbed Silver Slave Collar on her. Get this now!

Color Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 29.13 inches (74 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Barbed Silver Slave Collar

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