Beat Me Crazy Spanking Restraints
Beat Me Crazy Spanking Restraints
Beat Me Crazy Spanking Restraints

You like being tickled, and you also enjoy enduring a little pain. Above all else, you take pleasure in not having control in bed. You find solace in being restrained while your partner takes over your body. Well, this kink requires seductive yet high-quality spanking restraints. To make your routines more effective and pleasurable, you should get the Beat Me Crazy Spanking Restraints.

You might be the voluntary submissive partner in your relationship, but you still deserve to wear restraints that will treat your wrists with care. Luckily, you have a say in the choice of tools you use during your play. And if you're looking forward to receiving some spanking while being cuffed to your bed, then you should get the Beat Me Crazy Spanking Restraints. This set includes a pair of handcuffs and a tassel whip. The primary material is PU leather, so it looks classy but still animal-friendly. The interior lining of these cuffs is soft and padded, so you can adjust it snugly without lashing your skin. Adjusting these cuffs and locking them is just as easy as wearing your belt. Each cuff has a buckle and a series of holes, making it fit most wrist sizes. Connect them using the metal chain link and D-rings, or hook them up to other bondage tools. It's totally up to you. And to make the routine extra-kinky, you can let your partner use the tassel whip to tickle you on your sensitive spots or punish you whenever you act bratty. What a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom!

No matter how much you enjoy bondage, taking precautions is still necessary. So, have a small talk first to discuss the theme of your play. Have a safeword in place and let the bondage play begin.

Let your partner violate you until your eyes turn white and your knees melt. Buy these spanking restraints now!

Color Black, Pink, Red
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Beat Me Crazy Spanking Restraints

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