Belt-Like Gay Slave Collar

There are problems when you choose a beautiful hunk as a Slave. Your man is a loyal sub all the way—does all that you say and does not do anything to sabotage your BDSM lifestyle. But, when you go out together, strangers just can't help themselves.

But you can't blame them. Anyone who sees your partner salivates at those broad shoulders, bulky chest, and angelic yet masculine facial features. Even his fingers are perfect; they seem to have not touched a chore!

Well, you better be prepared! You need to mark him like this, and you need to do that fast! The Belt-Like Gay Slave Collar is a great way to label your sub as your property without compromising style. 

It is not your ordinary collar. It has a PU leather strap, a smooth material that is lightweight to wear. Also, this medium has a fantastic skin-like texture that is also hypoallergenic for safe use. Ready for an all-nighter? Prepare well because you can make your lover wear this for as long as he wants. It's not harsh on the skin—that's a promise!

The prominent fastener used to lock this choker in place functions as a decoration and a robust locking system. Once your sub wears this, he will be at your mercy! Plus, the flexible straps give leeway for you to adjust the fit for comfortable wear.

Giving this item the proper cleaning is a key to preserving its physical makeup. You can do quick yet effective aftercare by wiping this with a damp cloth after each use. Then, find an airtight container and store it well, ready for your next session.

Just imagine your partner wearing this, with nothing on! Now that is a sight you can't miss seeing! Don't miss out on this chance to finally put a mark on your sub. Make that purchase today!


Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Belt-Like Gay Slave Collar

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  • $22.99

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