Black Ribbon Lace Blindfold
Black Ribbon Lace Blindfold
Black Ribbon Lace Blindfold
Black Ribbon Lace Blindfold

Everything gets anticlimactic during plays as your woman can't keep her excitement to herself. The thrill gets ruined whenever she tries to take a glance at your punishment tools before you even use them for her. She's a spoiler, and that just annoys you.

Well, it has been her nature, so adjust to it. If you need to resolve this problem, you better use a tool to deprive her of her senses, especially her sight! Get this Black Ribbon Lace Blindfold, and watch her getting surprised with your every punishment to her!

Deny her the freedom to see your next moves during play once you blindfold her using this sensational tool. This black satin cloth will ensure that she won't get to peep on your sex paraphernalia, creating an element of surprise to your disciplines. Its main eye cover is made of lace, allowing her to see a little but still ensuring a limited vision. It measures 7.48 inches long, just enough to wrap around her forehead. It has a width of 2.17 inches, too, making sure that her eyes are completely covered.

As this accessory uses lightweight materials, you can trust that her eyes won't get strained after using it. It's hypoallergenic, too, and won't pose risks of scratches and allergies. So even if used for extended periods, know that it's safe to use on your humping sessions all the time!

Match this sight-depriving tool with cuffs and mouth gags; it will heighten up your play for sure! But as this will restrict your woman to see, see to it that you assign safe gestures or words whenever you use it on your kinky sesh. And, always after each sweat-inducing play, clean it by gently washing it with water and soap. Air-dry it by hanging it on your clothesline, then store it in your cabinet for next use.

There's no way she can know which part of her body will be hit next when you use Black Ribbon Lace Blindfold on your BDSM play. Get it now!

Color/Type Black
Material Strap: Satin
Eye Cover: Lace
Dimension Length:
Full Length - 47.24 inches (120 cm)
Eye Cover - 7.48 inches (19 cm)
Eye Cover - 2.17 inches (5.5 cm)

Black Ribbon Lace Blindfold

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