Black Ribbon Lace Collar
Black Ribbon Lace Collar
Black Ribbon Lace Collar
Black Ribbon Lace Collar
Black Ribbon Lace Collar
Black Ribbon Lace Collar

Elegance is perfection. It elevates the senses. It inspires. It is beauty that touches the soul. Indulge yourself in it, and see how it will transform your evening scenes from dullness to ecstatic bliss.

Capture the essence of elegance with the Black Ribbon Lace Collar. It’s an accessory that lets you wear grace and charm. Pair it with your sexiest lingerie or pair undergarments to stimulate your partner’s sexual desires.

The collar looks sweet with its frills, and it is complemented with a sizable bow. From this ribbon hangs a shiny metal ball-shaped bell. This bling not only adorns but also creates musical jingles that please the ears.

Whatever size of a neck there is, this choker will embrace it. That’s because its band is elastic; hence, it will stretch accordingly. It does not come with a clasp as a locking mechanism. On each end are D-rings to which you can find strips of ribbons. Tie these ribbons tightly in a bow to secure the choker in place and to adorn your nape, too.

This exquisite neckpiece is made of fabric that needs tender loving care. When sweat and dirt have accumulated, wash it with mild dish soap and water. Do not bleach. Wash it gently with your hands.

This collar can also be a symbol of your commitment, submission, and obedience to your master. Ask your partner to wrap it around your neck for an exciting playtime.

Because it looks discreet, you can wrap it around your neck when attending a wedding. It will make a lovely accessory with a cocktail dress or an evening gown. Indeed, it is a versatile collar that you should not miss.

Handcrafted with great care, this black collar promises beauty that arouses sensual and erotic desires. Wear elegance soon when you buy this collar today.

Color Black
Material Fabric
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: NA

Black Ribbon Lace Collar

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