Blind Romance Red Blindfold
Blind Romance Red Blindfold
Blind Romance Red Blindfold

Red is your color. Whenever you picture yourself in your wildest fantasies, you always have scarlet lingerie on. It best suits your personality: passionate, bold, and a bit aggressive in bed!

Well, who can blame you? The Deep ruby hue is such a powerful representation of your sentiments. It is also known to be a color of wild sex. That is why the Blind Romance Red Blindfold caught your eye. It's everything you need in an eye goggle and more!

This eye protector exudes seduction. The red color is vibrant as ever with its electrifying tint. Never shy; this is both chic and sexy, just the way you like it.

Also, this piece is made of high-grade elastic and satin materials. Satin is a smooth fabric that creates dramatic patterns with a shine that will catch anyone's attention. Soft and luxurious, this eye mask is comfortable to wear all night long. Also, the elastic component allows you to adjust the blindfold easily to your preferred fit. Light and body-safe, this eye mask won't cause any reaction to your skin.

The simple design of this eye accessory is one of its selling points. It's an erotic eye mask with intricate flower patterns on its surface. Romantic rose petals cocoon this blindfold to incite the sexiest vibe. Then the elastic belt locks the eye cover in place. Once worn, you won't see what your naughty partner is doing, amplifying the element of surprise.

Whether you wear this alone or with your other red costumes, it's going to look gorgeous! You can wash this regularly with warm water and mild soap to get the dirt off the surface. Then, airdry this in a shaded area before keeping it in its receptacle.

Enjoy kinky play with a dazzling red blindfold. Don't forget to add this to your purchase today!

Color/Type Red
Material Satin
Dimension Length: 7.09 inches
Width/Diameter: 3.07 inches

Blind Romance Red Blindfold

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