Braided Rope Play Harness

Do you sometimes see an accessory, and you are just inspired to be extra in your next sensual adventures? That is exactly what the Braided Rope Play Harness will do for you.

This is a solid bundle of cotton that will hold your prisoner in place as you play. You love taking your partner inside your lair and keeping her bound for your pleasure. Versatile and reliable, you will truly enjoy having this in your collection.

The twisted cotton rope is a firm debilitating accessory to hinder your bottom from doing anything. Additionally, the adjustable cord gives the wearer enough range to find a snug fit. Unlike free-ranging BDSM rope, this one is devised with loops to provide easy wearing. You won't have to deal with complicated roping techniques! All you need to do is fit and wear it.

Moreover, this item has an adjustable cuff diameter of 1.57-4.33 inches. The hand restraint has loops of cotton ropes, so once you are locked in. But, with substantial 17.71 inches of cord, you will have enough to experiment with.

You can easily tie your Sub on heavy furniture with both limbs tied with this leash. A reliable rope like this one will create a tough barrier for any movement. That means more space to experiment with different positions.

With proper communication and consent, you are going to have the best time. As you will be debilitating your partner, you need to assign safe words. BDSM is a great sexual adventure, but it needs to include open communication about what you will do. Your partner should have the right to have a time-out anytime she does not feel safe anymore.

Exploring new things is always a good idea. So go on, grab this lovely rope today!

Color Red
Material Cotton
Dimension Length: 17.72 inches (45cm)
Handcuff: 1.57-4.33 inches (4cm -11cm)
Rope: 0.28 inch (0.7 cm)

Braided Rope Play Harness

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