Bubblegum-Colored Leather Wrist Restraints
Bubblegum-Colored Leather Wrist Restraints
Bubblegum-Colored Leather Wrist Restraints

Bubble gums look cute, and they taste sweet too. You can't get enough of it, and you'd like to make the most out of this chewy, juicy candy. Similarly, you feel the same way about your little one. Your little girl looks adorable, and she gives you the sugar you need to get going. And for that, her soft wrists deserve nothing less than these Bubblegum-Colored Leather Wrist Restraints.

Looking after your little girl brings you happiness. When it comes to your bondage toys, you only make her wear nothing but high-quality restraints. Take pleasure at the sight of your submissive's beautiful arms in these Bubblegum-Colored Leather Wrist Restraints. These wrist cuffs have two layers of PU leather. The thicker band that directly touches the wrist is blue, and the thin strap on top is pink. This pink strap has several holes and secures like a belt, hence adjustable and fits most wrists. Both cuffs have a D-shaped ring, and to connect these two, you'll also receive a small metal chain. This metal chain has lobster clasps on each end, attach them to the D-rings, and voila! Your lover is wearing a classy piece of restraint. Alternatively, if you have under-bed straps or a metal bar, you can also attach these cuffs to any of those. You can make her look more adorable by making her wear a furry tail plug, fuzzy blindfold, or pink gag.

You may have a good girl who always says "yes" to your requests but avoid jumping to conclusions. Don't assume that she's up for anything that you want to do. Always ask for your sub's consent and discuss the details of your bondage play before commencing.

Don't let your bondage routines go bland and tasteless like stale bubble gum. Make it more erotic by getting restraints that are suitable for your partner. Buy now!

Color Blue, Pink
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Total Length: 11.54 inches (29.3 cm)
Adjustable Length: from 7.09 inches to 10.24 inches (18 cm to 26 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.97 inches (5 cm)

Bubblegum-Colored Leather Wrist Restraints

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