Cable-Like Locking Day Collar
Cable-Like Locking Day Collar
Cable-Like Locking Day Collar
Cable-Like Locking Day Collar

Nothing can ever stop your partner when she sets her mind to do something. That's part of why you like her. She is a bit of a goal-getter and has the confidence to push through with whatever she starts doing.

So when it comes to taming this beast in bed, you often find yourself looking for accessories that compliment her personality. Something subtle—yet tells more about her power and beauty.

Look no further. The Cable-Like Locking Day Collar is here for the taking! The stunning rope design of this stainless steel choker is a mesmerizing detail. A piece of perfect jewelry for the daytime, she can easily pair this with her power suits. But, when the night comes, as you tame her in your lair, the metal collar will hold its end too! That is because stainless steel is a robust material that takes all the rough sex you will be doing.

This silver piece looks tough with its noticeable rope pattern that is every fashionista's dream. Right at the center is an O-ring, which dangles like it teases its audience—you as her Master. This item also comes with its very own lock and key system. Yes, that is right. This unsuspecting piece does feature a unique fastening method that only you, as the Dom, can open. Also, with a solid ring as a pendant, you can attach an additional leash or any chain to upgrade the sexy play. With the proper setting of expectations, boundaries, and limits for safety purposes, you can execute any play you wish to do.

Keep your accessories in tip-top shape with proper maintenance. You can do this by wiping this with a disinfectant after each use. Then, you have to keep it away from moisture by placing it on an airtight container.

Your lover deserves this gorgeous piece. Get it today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
100mm: 3.94 inches
110mm: 4.33 inches
120mm: 4.72 inches
130mm: 5.12 inches
140mm: 5.52 inches
150mm: 5.96 inches
Metal Thickness: 0.39 inch
Pendant: 0.91 inch
Lock Key: 0.06 inch
Screw: 0.16 inch

Cable-Like Locking Day Collar

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