Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask
Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask
Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask
Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask
Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask
Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask
Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask

Every time you go out of the loo, your partner drools in madness as he sees your plump cleavage half-covered with the piece of towel. The curve of your waist drives him crazy that he rumbles like a dog, rattling and waggling his third leg. With those very gestures, you know he'll make a good pet—ready to follow all your orders.

But to enhance the roleplay, make it more realistic by putting this Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask on his head. See how he will act given his limited senses!

It limits your man's ability to see and even smell with its full-cover hood, concealing the tip of the hair down to the entire neck. It has a detachable blindfold, studded with metal snap buttons, to allow him to glimpse a little, should you feel pity about him not seeing anything. It also features a muzzle that opens as you unzip its zipper. And, completing its canine look are the adorable ears on its top.

A corset-type locking mechanism at its back keeps this mask in place. This lace-and-eyelet system also allows the hood to adjust, conforming to the wearer's and his master's preferred fit. Aside from it, its neck also has a belt that secures the entire hood to the head. So, worry not about it falling off even when the play gets sweaty-intense!

This mask is made of safe-to-use, high-quality premium PU leather. It is hypoallergenic to the skin and does not impose risks of abrasion and scratches. It is easy to clean, too. Wipe off its surface with a dry cloth or one damped with skin- and leather-friendly cleaner, and you're good to go!

Play with him more by teasing that naughty puppy. Kinky plays are ten times more fun when there are senses deprived, and this is what the Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask does. Grab yourself one now!

Color/Type Rose, Red, Black
Material PU Leather + Metal
Dimension Length:
Ear-to-Collar: 11.42 inches (29 cm) Ears: 3.54 inches (9 cm)
Muzzle: 3.54 inches (9 cm)
Collar Circumference: 14.57-18.90 inches (37-48 cm)
Muzzle: 1.57 inches (4 cm)
Ear Width: 2.76 inches (7 cm)

Canine Fetish Leather Gimp Mask

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