Captive Sweetheart Leg Cuffs
Captive Sweetheart Leg Cuffs
Captive Sweetheart Leg Cuffs
Captive Sweetheart Leg Cuffs
Captive Sweetheart Leg Cuffs

You don’t like to do it the hard way. You only need to kick things up a bit in the bedroom for more libido-boosting foreplay. After all, you're not after anything hardcore. This spice doesn’t have to be metal or leather, and it doesn’t have to be super fancy and extravagant. It can be straightforward and sexy like the Captive Sweetheart Leg Cuffs.

Perfect for a pillow princess or a blanket queen, these bondage pieces will get her hands tied down around her legs. The cuffs are simple in design. Two nylon loops are attached to bind the hand and thigh together. No locking mechanism will complicate things. All you have to do is secure the closure with Velcro, a reliable form of fastener. She may wriggle her hands to let them off, but the cuffs won't budge and open even when she tries hard to escape.

It's available only in red, and you should be glad it is. Red highlights everything it touches, and it draws the eyes to look into where it's laid on. The color of blood, red excites and makes you feel alive. Your partner will turn into an enchantress once you put the cuffs on her. And whether you like it or not, you'll be the captive of your lust, and you won't be free until you have savored orgasmic bliss. These cuffs are simple, yet they will make you drool with desire.

Made of nylon, these softcore bondage pieces are not rigid or rough. They are soft and pliable, but they're sturdy and strong to do the job. When your partner's hands are pinned down, how can they push you? All they can do is surrender to pleasure and enjoy how you ruin them.

An essential bondage tool that will make your slave gorgeous, the Captive Sweetheart Leg Cuffs must be on your order list now!

Color Red
Material Nylon
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Captive Sweetheart Leg Cuffs

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