Captive Temptations Fuzzy Cuffs
Captive Temptations Fuzzy Cuffs
Captive Temptations Fuzzy Cuffs

You have been into rope bondage for a long time now. And although you and your partner have had the best experience with it, you both can’t help but wonder what adventure awaits you with handcuffs.

Well, your red room of pain is never complete without this set of Captive Temptations Fuzzy Cuffs.

Faux leather on the outside, cotton on the inside—these are the things you will notice first on these handcuffs. The exterior is sleek and shiny, bringing a sultry vibe to the bondage experience. Making each piece comfortable to be worn is the chenille, a soft and fuzzy cotton fabric layered on the interior part of the cuff. It makes the bondage playtime bearable, even for long hours. Judging the fine stitching and sturdy buckles and chains and studded straps, you can rest assured that these cuffs are durable enough and can withstand the test of time and more passionate BDSM playing. The straps are made adjustable, too. It can accommodate different wrist sizes.

You can’t play with this erotic piece alone. It should be tandem worn with your other pleasure tools. While on bondage, you can try impact play and explore the thrilling side of using toys for spanking. Alleviate the pain and transform it into pleasure with the use of a tickler. Doing all these tips will make sure you’re going to have a memorable BDSM night.

Since this toy is made of faux leather and cotton, it would be best not to soak it in water. Doing so will result in the deformation of the surfaces. Just wipe the interior and exterior parts with a slightly damped cloth and make sure they are well dried before storing them. Faux leather is a material susceptible to mold and mildew accumulation, so doing all these tips will help you prevent that from happening.

Have an erotic BDSM night by adding these Captive Temptations Fuzzy Cuffs to your cart today!

Color Exterior- Black
Interior- Red
Material Exterior- Faux Leather
Interior- Cotton
Dimension Length: 7-11.5 inches (Adjustable)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Captive Temptations Fuzzy Cuffs

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