Captivity Sex Chains With Anal Plug
Captivity Sex Chains With Anal Plug
Captivity Sex Chains With Anal Plug
Captivity Sex Chains With Anal Plug
Captivity Sex Chains With Anal Plug
Captivity Sex Chains With Anal Plug

You told your sub to kneel, but he refused to follow your order. He wanted to be on top, but being the Dominatrix you are, you never let him take over. But you hated having to struggle because a submissive should never challenge the capacity of his owner.

What do you need to do to make a bratty bottom kneel before you? The simple answer is the Captivity Sex Chains With Anal Plug! It’s a brutal way of making him realize who's the boss and who's in charge.

Have a close look at your soon-to-be weapon, and be captivated by the way it shines and glistens. That’s because it’s made of high-quality metal that’s crafted meticulously to smoothed out edges and remove all the rough parts. Featuring a pair of handcuffs attached to a butt plug, this bondage tool is a must-have for any dominant.

The wrist shackles are similar to the ones used by police officers when they make arrests. There’s no way your bottom can unlock them. To make his bondage erotically brutal, insert the plug into his ass. Why does it have to be connected to the chains of the cuffs? Well, every time he swings either of his hands, he’ll tug the plug.

The butt plug is tapered at the tip for ease of insertion. With a round body, it will expand and fill up the butt. The slender neck will make prolonged wear possible, while the flared base will prevent the plug from slipping further. It’s the perfect ass dilator to prepare him for a bigger surprise.

The handcuffs fit most adults, so rest assured your slave's hand won't slip off from the bangles. These shackles are designed to be fool-proof, rendering your partner helpless. Made of 100% metal, they're unbreakable.

Chain your way to bliss with a bondage tool you can trust. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Chain length from plug to cuff: 10.24 inches (26 cm)
Insertable length of Anal Plug: 1.97 inches (5 cm)
Anal Plug Full Length: 3.15 inches (8 cm)
Inner Diameter of Cuff: 2.20 inches (5.6 cm)
Anal Plug Base: 1.30 inches (3.5 cm)

Captivity Sex Chains With Anal Plug

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